Libraries are the underlying sensor information that Critical Labs uses to get data from your devices. Libraries contain the protocol information as well as the sensor's unit of measurement, any mathematical scaling that is performed on the sensor data, and default alarm thresholds for each sensor.

Library Overview

Libraries for SNMP-enabled devices also contain the information on how to "discover" the device when finding equipment.

Critical Labs maintains an extensive list of global libraries for common devices that we monitor. For many use cases, a newly discovered device will automatically match to a global library and can be immediately added to Critical Labs with little effort.

These global libraries are created and maintained by Critical Labs and cannot be changed. To create a maintain your own library, you will need to create a custom library.

For some specific use cases, a custom library must be built in order to communicate with a device. Reasons to use a custom library could include:

  1. A device that Critical Labs does not typically monitor
  2. A protocol converter that uses custom mappings
  3. A device that supports dynamic protocol configurations (such as Packet Power)

Building a custom library is an advanced topic with many potential pitfalls. If you are unsure of your ability to complete the process, reach out to Critical Labs support for assistance.