Finding Equipment

This documentation cover the legacy Find Equipment page layout. For the new Find Equipment page (in beta), go to Reference > Equipment > Finding Equipment

In many cases, Critical Labs can find and connect your equipment automatically. To add equipment automatically, you will need the following:

  • A fully installed and functioning Critical Labs gateway
  • SNMP-enabled device(s) connected to the same network as the gateway
  • The subnet(s) on which the device(s) are located

From the main views page, open the top-right menu and click on My Equipment.

My Equipment Menu Option

This will take you to the main equipment page, a page that lists all of your connected devices, gateways, monitored sensors, and an alarm log. For more information on this page, see Equipment.

My Equipment Page

From the equipment page, click the Manage button, then click Add.

My Equipment Add Button

A popup will display. Make sure the Find Equipment option is selected, then click the Find Equipment button.

Add My Equipment Popup

This will open a new tab with the Find Equipment page.

Note that you can also get to the Find Equipment page by clicking Manage > Scan from the equipment page.

Gateway Action Queue

At the bottom of the Find Equipment page is a little bar with the current status of your gateway and its actions.

Your gateway has a special mode called listen mode where it will poll the cloud every couple of seconds to look for new actions to perform. Since this is a resource-intensive operation, your gateway is not always in listen mode and will only stay in listen mode for a period of 20 minutes of inactivity.

Finding equipment is considered a gateway action and will be added to your gateway's action queue. If the gateway is not in listen mode, you will have to wait for the gateway's next poll cycle (typically up to 5 minutes) before listen mode will activate, and the find equipment action will perform.

For more information on gateway actions and the queue, see Gateway Actions.

You will notice a bunch of network scan settings available to you from the Find Equipment page. This lets you set ip addresses, SNMP version, and SNMP community string(s). Finding equipment is specifically tailored to discovering SNMP-enabled devices.

Input your network settings and click Start Scan.

Note that even though there is an IP range option, it is restricted to 4 subnets (or This is for security purposes. If you wish to scan a wider range, please contact our support team.

Once your gateway is in listen mode (visible from the gateway action queue), your gateway will begin its SNMP discover process, based on the settings you input. This process can take several minutes. If you leave the page, you can find the results of the scan in the Previous Scans section to the right of the Find Equipment page.

A list of discovered devices will populate as the scan completes.

Discovered Devices

Once you have a list of discovered devices, you can start to work on importing them.