Our Product

Architecture Diagram


Our platform was built with flexibility and security in mind. With our outbound-only gateway architecture, we are able to monitor your equipment while keeping your environment secure. We can also connect to a wide selection of devices ranging from CRAC units and network closet UPSs to generators.

Data Visualization

Dashboard ExampleEasy to use and fully customizable dashboards allow you to see the information you want to see with just a few button clicks.
Insights ExampleStay on top of your UPS health and accurately plan for the future by viewing UPS and battery replacement dates in a convenient, downloadable report.
Overlay Views
Overlay ExampleOur image overlay views allow you to see information in a more intuitive, visually-focused way.

Collaborative Sharing

Collaborate easily with engineers, service providers, manufacturers, and technicians by sharing dashboards to solve problems more effectively.


Management Tools

Discover what is on your network without walking to each closet and manually collecting data.
Bulk manage network card configurations with a single configuration push for supported devices.
UPS Lifecycle

UPS Lifecycle Tools

Manage the health of your UPSs with our remote management toolset and stay up to date on when your UPSs need to be replaced.