Detect Problems Early in Critical and IT Facilities

Whether it's your data center, SmartRow, or generator, Critical Labs can monitor and report on the health of all of your equipment in one convenient, cloud-based web app.

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Easy to use and fully customizable dashboards
Cloud Based
See what's happening no matter where you are
Cost Effective
Keep tabs on your equipment for less than you think


Collaborate easily with engineers, service providers, manufacturers, and technicians by sharing dashboards to solve problems more effectively.

Get the Big Picture

Critical Labs supports a number of industry-standard protocols as well as wireless sensors to help you see many different types of equipment, all in one place.

Big Picture
Service Timers


Keep on top of service management and recommended maintenance with alert-capable service timers

via Modbus or SNMP

Data Centers
Edge Computing Devices

via Sensors

AC Power Outage
Acid Battery Leak Detection
DC Power Outage
Door Contact
Dust Particle Detection
Energy Usage
Fuel Leak Detection
Ground Sensor
Hydrogen Detection

Leak Detection
Motion Detection
Power Outage Detection
Rack Door Locks
Shock Detection
Smoke Detection
Sound/dB Level
Thermal Imaging
Vibration Detection
Volts and Amps

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