Critical Labs is a cloud-based monitoring and asset management toolset designed specifically for critical infrastructure environmentals (power, cooling, etc.). Our toolset allows you to quickly discover and import devices, build dashboards and reports, and track and manage alarms.

We have put together a getting started guide as well as some helpful workflow guides on specific topics to help you navigate the portal. If you feel we are missing something or have questions, please don't hesitate to send us feedback at

Getting Started

Creating a Dashboard

A basic guide for creating your first dashboard.

Inviting Users

How to invite users to view and/or manage your portal.

Logging In

A guide to logging in for the first time.

Setting Up Alerts

A simple guide for admins to setup alerts for other users.

Adding a Device

A beginner's guide for adding your first devices to be monitored.


Building Custom Libraries

Configuring Web Cards

Creating View Templates

Enabling Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Scheduling Insight Report Emails

Scheduling Maintenance Mode



Libraries maintain protocol information that allow Critical Labs to communicate with devices

View Templates

View templates allow quick and efficient copying and syncing of a large number of dashboards


Documentation that discusses equipment and device management


Documentation that discusses hardware and virtuals gateways


Documentation around views - including dashboards, overlays, and insight reports


Documentation that discusses possible customer-level settings (available for admin users only)